New Golden Knights gear for the COVID-19 pandemic

Don't take a chance. 

That's the tagline the Las Vegas Golden nights are using for their new Covid-19 awareness t-shirts. Let's commend them for finding a clever way to keep fans safe during the ongoing pandemic. Furthermore, the shirts are a sure-fire way to get fans excited about the upcoming postseason that could be taking place in their very own backyard. 

The Las Vegas Golden Knights announced on twitter that they are selling," Don't Take a Chance," t-shirts with the Golden Knights mascot on it. Proceeds from the sales will go to The Knights Foundation and local communities that are in need. The shirts will be $25 for adults and $20 for kids.  

The new shirt comes after Nevada Governor, Steve Sisolak, mandated face masks in public due to rising numbers of Covid-19 cases in several areas. 

While the shirts are a promising sign that organizations and fans alike are taking the ongoing pandemic seriously, only time will tell if that will be enough.

As for the Golden Knights, they are currently ranked third in the Western Conference and will take part in a round-robin tournament to determine who is the top seed heading into the next round of the playoffs. Once the qualifying round is over, it's going to be a mad dash for The Stanley Cup. Hopefully, our Golden Knights will be able to come out on top. Go, Knights go!


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