Looking to commemorate your night out in Sin City? Or are you in the mood to get inked? Whatever it is, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many incredible tattoo parlors near the Strip. With excellent facilities, as well as top-notch and creative artists, getting a tattoo in Las Vegas is a definite must-do for those who are brave and daring enough.

Here are the top five tattoo parlors near the Las Vegas Strip.

3. Last Chance Tattoo Parlor (S Arville St.)

Last Chance Tattoo Parlor (S Arville St.)

A favorite among those with the sudden urge to get inked, Last Chance Tattoo Parlor is the place to go to if you’re itching to get a tattoo! The owner is known all over the city for being extremely accommodating to guests, especially first-timers nervous about the tattooing process. Those looking for world-class custom tattoos done by award-winning artists in a professional and comfortable setting will undoubtedly find this parlor to their liking.