Believe it or not, these are the worst accidents ever to happen at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and one even resulted in the end of man's life.

4. Austin Theriault and Tyler Reddick 2015

Going back to getting caught up in someone else's mess, Austin Theriault found himself in this unfortunate position in 2015 when he was clipped by Tyler Reddick. Now, Reddick had just hit the wall himself and was diving low to get his truck straightened out, but he ran straight into Theriault in the process. 

This got Theriault sideways and sent him hard into the outside wall on the straightaway. The nose of the car was completely caved in at this point and his front tire was dislodged as well. Interestingly enough, Reddick didn’t suffer too much damage from the contact with the wall or Theriault and was able to continue after making repairs. It was still scary to see how fast Austin’s car snapped loose though.


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